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Focus Areas

Julie Anderson will ensure our vote-by-mail elections continue to be the best in the nation. She knows that we have a trustworthy democracy when every voter feels welcomed, knows how to participate and can do so easily, and believes that the system is fair and secure.

Remove partisanship from election administration
To trust election results, we must trust the people administering them and we should shield them from partisan influence.
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Improve election security and transparency
To have a trustworthy democracy, voters need to believe the system is fair and secure.
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Increase access to democracy
My mission is to see every eligible voter prepared and primed to vote in every election, from local School Board to President of the United States.
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Support electoral reform
We need a Secretary of State with the experience and know-how to responsibly guide and implement the electoral reforms that Washingtonians want.
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A Commitment to Excellence

Government should serve everyone, regardless of party affiliation. That’s a pledge Julie has kept for over 12 years in the Pierce County Auditor’s Office. It’s a pledge she continues to uphold in her campaign for the Office of Secretary of State. 

    Service to All

    Recipient of the 2018 Washington State Association of County Auditors President’s Award for outstanding service, in recognition of many hours of volunteer service to the association and a commitment to statewide excellence.

    2017 Auditor of the Year

    Received the County Auditor of the Year award from the Secretary of State’s Office in 2017 for outstanding service to Washington State Elections

    State & Nationally Certified Elections Administrator

    Julie is the only candidate that is a certified elections administrator and has experience managing elections.

    Leading the Way

    The Recording Division was honored as the 2019 Jurisdiction of the Year by Thomson Reuters for their work with Restrictive Covenant Modifications. With the passage of the 2018 legislation, homeowners can now record a Restrictive Covenant Modification (RCM).

    Innovation = Service

    The Pierce County Auditor’s Office pioneered the electronic collection of excise tax and online marriage applications. Recordings submitted electronically has grown from 15% to now over 80%, providing ease and value to our customers.

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October 23, 2022
Vote country above party and choose Anderson for Secretary of State
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October 20, 2022
“Julie Anderson has the experience, knowledge, and compassion to represent all voters.” – Whitman County Auditor Sandy Jamison
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October 20, 2022
“I know how important experience is for this job.” – Former Secretary of State Sam Reed
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