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Elections might be partisan, but the Secretary of State shouldn’t be.

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Julie Anderson will ensure our vote-by-mail elections continue to be the best in the nation. She knows that we have a trustworthy democracy when every voter feels welcomed, knows how to participate and can do so easily, and believes that the system is fair and secure.

Remove partisanship from election administration
To trust election results, we must trust the people administering them and we should shield them from partisan influence.
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Improve election security and transparency
To have a trustworthy democracy, voters need to believe the system is fair and secure.
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Increase access to democracy
My mission is to see every eligible voter prepared and primed to vote in every election, from local School Board to President of the United States.
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Meet Julie Anderson

An experienced elections official who will put you — not politics — first.

  • 3 Term Pierce County Auditor, Nonpartisan
  • 2017 Auditor of the Year for Washington State
  • National Award Winning Leader in Elections Administration
  • State Certified Public Records Officer
  • Nationally Certified Elections Administrator
More About Julie
Nonpartisans, Democrats, and Republicans all agree we need Julie Anderson as our nonpartisan Secretary of State.
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August 9, 2022
Julie Anderson Advances to the General Election
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July 16, 2022
Seattle Times Highlights Julie Anderson
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July 16, 2022
The News Tribune Endorses Julie Anderson
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