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Elections might be partisan, but the Secretary of State shouldn't be.

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Meet Julie Anderson

Julie was elected Pierce County's nonpartisan Auditor in 2009. She's running to be your nonpartisan Secretary of State. You deserve an experienced elections official who will put you — not politics — first.

Julie Anderson serves as Pierce County Auditor, first elected to the post in 2009. The Auditor’s Office is responsible for elections, licensing, and public document recording. She’s a nationally certified election administrator and state-certified public records officer. Pierce County is the second largest county in the state.

For more than 30 years, Julie has placed service above politics. As a public interest executive leader, her life is centered on the common good, creating and delivering trustworthy, essential public services. 

Her professional history draws on a wide variety of her career experiences, including community corrections, human services, local government, public policy, and economic development.

Realizing the positive impact her experience could have in her community, Julie gravitated toward nonpartisan politics, elections, and governance, where she has earned a reputation for crafting actionable solutions to complex policy issues. Every step of the way, Julie has held herself to high standards for accessibility, responsiveness, and innovation.

When she’s not working for the residents of Pierce County, she gives time and treasure to nonprofits, including Sunrise Tacoma Rotary and Sound Outreach, which help low-income residents build financial security. 

With her husband David, Julie spends her spare time on never-ending historic home maintenance and improvements.


Raised in a military family, she lived in many states as well as overseas. Her father retired as a Lt. Colonel from the U.S. Air Force, last stationed at Randolph A.F.B., San Antonio, Texas. After retirement, Julie’s mother and father settled in Yelm to build their retirement home.

Adventurous in her youth, Julie dropped out of school and left home, working in retail shops and restaurants in Texas and North Carolina. After hearing, “You really should be in college,” a few too many times, she joined her parents in Washington State and began her college and professional careers. 

Julie worked her way through college and earned a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts. She served as an Outward Bound instructor on the East Coast, working intensely with sex offenders and female offenders with mental illness. That experience led Julie to earn a master’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration and serve in subsequent executive positions for organizations that provide crisis residential centers, community corrections and domestic violence intervention.

Professional & Community Service Experience

  • Pierce County Auditor – Nonpartisan
  • City of Tacoma Council Member – Nonpartisan
  • Senior Policy Advisor, Washington State Department of Commerce
  • Executive Director, YWCA of Tacoma-Pierce County
  • Director, Episcopal Services for Youth
  • Board of Advisors, UW-Tacoma Center for Leadership and Social Responsibility
  • Senior Fellow and Past President, American Leadership Forum
  • Character and Fitness Board, Washington State Bar Association
  • Past President, Washington State Association of County Auditors
  • Instructor, Outward Bound
  • Juvenile Rehabilitation Administrator