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Elections Professionals

  • Rose Ann Carroll
    Jefferson County Auditor
  • Vicky Dalton
    Spokane County Auditor
  • Thad Duvall
    Douglas County Auditor
  • Dolores Gilmore
    Kitsap County Auditor (fmr)
  • Shelly Johnston
    Lincoln County Auditor (fmr)
  • Joyce Kidd
    Pacific County Auditor
  • Liz Luce
    Clark County Auditor (fmr)
  • Sandy Perkins
    Skagit County Auditor
  • Jerry Pettit
    Kittitas County Auditor
  • Vern Spatz
    Grays Harbor County Auditor (fmr)
  • Walt Washington
    Kitsap County Auditor (fmr)
  • Jeanne Youngquist
    Skagit County Auditor (fmr)

Elected Officials

  • Brian Baird
    Congressman (fmr)
  • Brian Sonntag
    State Auditor (fmr)
  • Brian Ebersole
    Speaker of the House (fmr), Tacoma Mayor (fmr)
  • T'wina Nobles
    State Senator
  • Yasmin Trudeau
    State Senator
  • Debbie Regala
    State Senator (fmr)
  • Betty Sue Morris
    State Representative (fmr)
  • Derek Young
    Pierce County Councilmember
  • Jani Hitchens
    Pierce County Councilmember
  • Ryan Mello
    Pierce County Councilmember
  • Marty Campbell
    Pierce County Councilmember
  • Meredith Green
    Kittitas County Treasurer
  • Carol Baarsma
    Kitsap County Assessor (fmr)
  • Alison Sonntag
    Kitsap County Clerk
  • Victoria Woodards
    Tacoma Mayor
  • Nancy Backus
    Auburn Mayor
  • Bruce Tabb
    Ellensburg Mayor (fmr), Councilmember
  • John Powers
    Spokane Mayor (fmr)
  • Larry Seaquist
    State Representative (fmr)
  • Art Wang
    State Representative (fmr)
  • Clarence Moriwaki
    Bainbridge Island Deputy Mayor
  • DonBonker
    3rd Congressional District Representative (fmr)

Elections Professionals

  • Shannon Cortez
    Deputy Director of Elections (fmr), Office of the Secretary of State
  • Ken Raske
    Assistant Secretary of State (fmr), Office of the Secretary of State
  • Shoona Riggs
    Clallam County Auditor
  • Greg Kimsey
    Clark County Audior
  • Carolyn Fundingsland
    Cowlitz County Auditor
  • McKenzie Lueck
    Garfield County Auditor
  • F. Milene Henley
    San Juan County Auditor
  • Nicci Bergseng
    Wahkiakum County Auditor
  • Diana Bradrick
    Whatcom County Auditor
  • Carolyn Weikel
    Snohomish County Auditor (fmr)
  • Bob Terwilliger
    Snohomish County Auditor (fmr)
  • Kristina Swanson
    Cowlitz County Auditor (fmr)
  • Patty Rosand
    Clallam County Auditor (fmr)

Elected Officials

  • Terry Bergeson
    Superintendent of Public Instruction (fmr)
  • Jeanette Daltan
    Superior Court Judge (fmr)
  • Paul Pastor
    Pierce County Sheriff (fmr)
  • Nadine Woodward
    Spokane Mayor
  • Jason Whalen
    Lakewood Mayor
  • Nancy Lillquist
    Ellensburg Mayor
  • Mike Crowley
    Tacoma Mayor (fmr)
  • Lynn Horton
    Bremerton Mayor (fmr)
  • MaryAlice Wallice
    Longview Mayor
  • Jill Guernsey
    Gig Harbor Mayor (fmr)
  • Kathy Hayden
    Sumner Mayor
  • Bill Pugh
    Sumner Mayor (fmr)
  • Helen McGovern-Pilant
    Lakewood Councilmember (fmr)
  • Ed Stern
    Poulsbo Councilmember
  • Glenn Johnson
    Pullman Mayor
  • Jennifer Robertson
    Belleuve City Councilmember
  • Kathy Turner
    Puyallup Mayor (fmr)
  • Jake Jacobson
    Mercer Island City Councilmember
  • MaryLou Pauly
    Issaquah Mayor
  • Vivian Olson
    Edmonds City Council President
  • Troy McCoy
    Battle Ground Councilmember

Elections Professionals

  • Heidi Hunt
    Adams County Auditor
  • Brenda Chilton
    Benton County Auditor
  • Michele Jaderlund
    Grant County Auditor
  • Sheilah Crider
    Island County Auditor
  • Brenda Sorensen
    Klickitat County Auditor
  • Larry Grove
    Lewis County Auditor
  • Marianne Nichols
    Pend Oreille County Auditor
  • Robert Waymire
    Skamania County Auditor
  • Lori Larsen
    Stevens County Auditor
  • Karen Martin
    Walla Walla County Auditor
  • Sandy Jamison
    Whitman County Auditor
  • Gary Zandell
    Lewis County Auditor (fmr)
  • Skip Moore
    Chelan County Auditor
  • Charles Ross
    Yakima County Auditor
  • Chris Thomas
    Grays Harbor County Auditor (fmr)

Elected Officials

  • Toby Nixon
    Kirkland City Councilmember
  • Mike Crowley
    Tacoma Mayor
  • Don Anderson
    Lakewood City Councilmember
  • Deanna Martinez
    Moses Lake Councilmember
  • Matthew Lundh
    Cle Elum Councilmember

Newspaper Editorial Boards

  • The News Tribune
    "Nonpartisan Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson is the most qualified, diligent and experienced elections supervisor in the field — earning our strong endorsement."
    Read Endorsement

Labor Unions

  • Pierce County Central Labor Council
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW Local 483)
  • Tacoma Fire Fighters (IAFF Local 31)
  • West Pierce Firefighters (IAFF Local 1488)
  • International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers District Lodge 751
  • Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28

Community Groups

  • National Women's Political Caucus
  • South Sound Women's Leadership
  • Alliance for Gun Responsibility
  • FairVote Washington


  • Alice Philips
    Business Manager, IBEW Local 483
  • Lisa Wallace
    Vice Chair, Yakima Planning Commission
  • Olgy Diaz
    President, National Women's Political Caucus of Washington
  • Nathan Bowling
    Civic Leader & Educator
  • Andie Gernon
    Civic Leader
  • Ann Diamond
    Civic Leader
  • Georgia Lomax
    Executive Director, Pierce County Library System (fmr)
  • David Zeeck
    Civic Leader
  • Valarie Zeeck
    Civic Leader
  • Amber McReynolds
    Director of Elections in Denver, CO (fmr) & Nonpartisan National Elections Expert
  • Mike Vaska
    Board Chair, Mainstream Republicans of Washington (fmr)
  • Sinoun Hem
    Civic Leader
  • Melannie Denise Cunningham
    Peace Queen
  • Catherine Rudolph
    Civic Leader, Pierce County
  • Mark Mattke
    Civic Leader, Spokane County
  • Manual "Manny" Hochheimer
    Civic Leader, Spokane County

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