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Julie Anderson is our best choice for Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State oversees our elections. Julie is the only candidate with the election management experience needed to perform with excellence.

Julie’s experience sets her apart.

  • Pierce County Auditor.
  • State and Nationally certified election administrator.
  • Recognized leader, Washington Association of County Auditors.
  • Six State and National Awards in election management.

Julie Anderson has been Pierce County’s nonpartisan Auditor for 12 years. In Washington, county auditors are responsible for managing elections and the Secretary of State oversees them. In Pierce County, the auditor also manages public records, business licensing, document recording, and much more. She also served as the President of the Association of County Auditors, working with all 39 counties to improve elections in Washington.

The roles of Secretary of State and County Auditor have a lot in common. Julie is the only candidate with relevant experience in conducting elections, archiving records, and licensing businesses. She is a respected, established leader among the election professionals she will be called to lead as Secretary of State. Julie launched her campaign with clear, practical policy proposals.

Julie will preserve and improve Washington State’s election system.

Julie is excited about the work of the Secretary of State and will ensure our vote-by-mail elections continue to be the best in the nation. She knows that we have a trustworthy democracy when every voter feels welcomedknows how to participate and can do so easily, and believes that the system is fair and secure.

She has crafted policy proposals that will have a big, positive impact. As Secretary, she wants to:

Julie is supported by people who understand the job.

Julie has received support from over 40 bipartisan and nonpartisan election management professionals across the state. We’ll let them tell you why their supporting Julie in their own words.

Sam Reed, Secretary of State (fmr):
“As Secretary of State, I trust Julie to continue her steadfast dedication to nonpartisanship. And I know she will help restore voter confidence in our elections. Julie Anderson will be an exceptional Secretary of State. She will bring the breadth and depth of qualifications to the office that Kim Wyman and I possessed.”

Sandy Jamison, Whitman County Auditor:
I first met Julie at a conference for newly elected county officials four years ago. Her impressive presentation to the newly elected auditors showed her passion for the job, the depth of her knowledge, and her willingness to help others achieve success. I knew then she would make an excellent mentor – and, through the years, I’ve been proved right. 

Julie is fully aware that county auditors on the eastside of the state face different issues than those on the westside. But she also understands that auditors across the state must work together. Julie worked hard to bridge those gaps during her time as President of Washington State Association of County Auditors (WASACA) when she spearheaded efforts to involve and listen to all 39 county auditors. 

I endorse Julie Anderson for Secretary of State, not just because of the wealth of her experience but because she is a true leader.

Bob Terwilliger, Snohomish County Auditor (fmr):
I served as Snohomish County Auditor from 1993-2006. I know how important it is to have someone in charge of elections who has the experience and the know-how to oversee the elections and voter registration process in these times of constant and unsubstantiated attacks on voting and the voter registration process. 

In the case of the Secretary of State office, it is not just enough to state that you have managerial experience and you will hire people qualified. We need someone in that office that not only has the management experience, but has the necessary experience and know-how needed to oversee the elections and voter registration processes in the state of Washington. That person is Julie Anderson.

Greg Kimsey, Clark County Auditor:
Julie is a nationally certified election administrator. She is the only Secretary of State candidate with these qualifications. During this time of unprecedented attention to the elections administration process it’s more important than ever that our Secretary of State have this experience and training.

In my role as Clark County auditor, I have observed Julie’s commitment to doing what she believes is in the best interest of voters, her leadership skills and acting with the highest level of integrity.

Julie Anderson is not affiliated with a political party. As Secretary of State she will put voters, not politics, first.

You can view the entire list of Julie’s endorsements here.

Support Julie’s campaign today.
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