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Meet Julie Anderson

Julie was elected Pierce County’s nonpartisan Auditor in 2009. She’s running to be your nonpartisan Secretary of State. You deserve an experienced elections official who will put you — not politics — first.

As a long serving elections official in the race for Secretary of State, Julie Anderson is the most trusted candidate for administering elections in a fair transparent way. Pierce County’s residents have seen her administer elections, licensing services and steward document recording for more than a decade. She is the only certified election administrator in the race and has administered hundreds of accurate, transparent elections for public officials of both parties. Julie’s trusted lifelong commitment to her community is based on doing the right thing, not on the political thing.

Julie deeply understands how important it is to build and maintain trustworthy public institutions through her family’s military service, her time as the executive director of the YWCA, or her work to make the community safer through positive criminal justice system interventions for youth.  Julie saw that the best, most innovative solutions came from nonpartisan community based ideas, and not politically charged partisan strategies. She earned a reputation for bringing people together for common sense problem solving that benefited the whole community, and not just a few people close to decision makers. She is known as a trusted leader that holds herself and staff to the highest of standards in all situations. This reputation as a trusted leader centered on solving community challenges is what got her elected to the Tacoma City Council, and the position of Pierce County Auditor as a nonpartisan solution-oriented public servant.

As our state and country polarize around divisive partisan fights, there is no other candidate with the trusted reputation and proved experience of working with the entire political spectrum as an elected nonpartisan leader than Julie Anderson. Julie has the years of public experience that other candidates lack, and none of the partisan baggage that triggers automatic skepticism from one side or the other.

Julie lives with her husband David in an historic home in need of improvements and has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration. She continues to volunteer her time for organizations which help young people and low-income residents build financial security through education, as well as employment and financial coaching. She would greatly enjoy your support.

Professional & Community Service Experience

  • Pierce County Auditor – Nonpartisan
  • City of Tacoma Council Member – Nonpartisan
  • Senior Policy Advisor, Washington State Department of Commerce
  • Executive Director, YWCA of Tacoma-Pierce County
  • Director, Episcopal Services for Youth
  • Board of Advisors, UW-Tacoma Center for Leadership and Social Responsibility
  • Senior Fellow and Past President, American Leadership Forum
  • Character and Fitness Board, Washington State Bar Association
  • Past President, Washington State Association of County Auditors
  • Instructor, Outward Bound
  • Juvenile Rehabilitation Administrator
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October 23, 2022
Vote country above party and choose Anderson for Secretary of State
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October 20, 2022
“Julie Anderson has the experience, knowledge, and compassion to represent all voters.” – Whitman County Auditor Sandy Jamison
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October 20, 2022
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